The Simple answer to this question lies within your mindset. You ever wonder how or why you never have any money to your name? Just living day to day paycheck to paycheck? Well the answer lies within yourself and you need ask yourself this question, are you “paying yourself”? I know what this sounds like, but think about it don’t you spend your whole life paying other people. Everyone I knew growing up was to busy living in the moment and never in the future. They were always paying for things that they wanted and never nothing that they needed. Although I was fortunate enough to meet people at a young age that would tell me things like “you need to build your credit kid”. Do you think that a kid that was 17 would care about that? do you think that their High school would teach them things like that? Why would they care and what kind of education is it where they do not teach you about something as simple as credit? ha at this point this post might feel like a rant, but my point is that you need to “pay yourself” and shift your mindset and learn how to make your money work for you there are so many ways to increase your wealth you just haven’t found them yet. No one will teach you these things, not even the basic education we get as kids growing up. The truth is that they don’t want you to learn they rather have you pay for a education that will get you a job that you will probably hate and get fired from. I am not a believer of working an awful job and certainly not a believer about worrying about the future. So thats why I want you to grow for yourself. That is why  I will include a link in this post for a lucrative and simple way or one way I generate passive income with just a simple app off my phone. All you need to do is sign up for it and you will receive $5 by using my link and  open an acorns account  today and generate a 8%-10% increase on your account .

#acorns #investments #Knowledgeispower #passiveincome #growwealthy

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