I cannot say I have always lived in between my means but as someone who wants to reach wealth you should always be trying to grow your money not waste it. That is one reason why many fail at reaching their financial goals. I have met two types of people with wealth that have influenced me to do something about it and to reach my own personal goals. Although These two are a few influences that I have had in my life they have sure left a mark in my life by reminding me of life lessons.

The first individual was someone I met on my deployment almost about 6 months ago. He was particular at first because of how he acted always flaunting the things that he had. He would also mention how he loved to travel and go on expensive trips which then made it seem like as if he had his life all together. When I first approached him he seemed smart, but as the deployment went on I sort of discovered the truth. He would talk about his real estate company how he created with his partner and the 1 million he had in his account and the four houses he had in Florida. I eventually saw this 1 million dollar account, but it was his brokers account, So he had 1 million invested into mutual funds, ETFS, and stocks. So it was clear to me that this man had money. Through spending more time with this guy through work, I always wondered why he was there in the first place I mean I deployed because I needed the money. What was his reason to be there? if he had 1 million dollars and had a company that specialized in the selling of real estate property that was in the six digit range, well why did he need to be deployed? Well let just say it was not all how it seemed to be. First of all the money that he had invested was from the four houses that he had in Florida, what he did was use the equity from those houses to use as leverage in the stock market. Second of all I found out that his business back home was not doing so well and those houses that he supposedly owned were owned by his parents. Third of all I also found out that the lavish life he was living in New york before this deployment was provided by his parents and that they have been trying to cut him off the money for awhile. So he had accrued debt before when he was living in New York so this deployment was his way to make back some money and pay off his debt. This guy was the perfect example of someone who does not live within his means and has an unhealthy mindset and to mention bad habits of spending. The funniest thing about this guy was that he was still SPENDING and I mean big spending not the kind that you and I do. I mean 3k trench coat, 2k Rolex watches and when he took leave who knows how much he spent. What I’m saying this guy has so much opportunity, but he’s is just blowing it away. What I learned was that you can have a lot of money, and have no wealth because you did not build it or you are not working towards it. In my eyes this man is the un- wealthiest man I have ever seen because even with all the opportunity that he has he still cannot stop living in the moment, and has not created a healthy foundation for his wealth and never will find true wealth.

The second individual is someone I know personally. We actually worked at the same pizza restaurant not so long ago he was a delivery driver and I was the pizza boy. It has been about 3 year since I have worked with him. He now owns 55 units, runs a car dealership and brings in about 25k a month. He is someone that I personally know that is making his money work for him and has built a wealthy and healthy foundation for his future something that my first example should learn from before he destroys all of his opportunities. Him and the first example both have showed me valuable life lessons that I hope to incorporate into my future investments. Although the first example taught me more on what not to do, and helped me distinguish the difference between a wealthy mindset and just being plain wealthy.

All in all I’ve learned that money does not make you wealthy it’s your mindset that makes you wealthy even if your working a dead end job there is still a way to come up from that. All you need is the right mindset and to know how to use the resources available to you.

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